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Statements at the recent G20 meeting highlighted the concern over the large deficits the US was incurring in an effort to make over our economy. The EU, France being a leader, reminded the US that their requirements dictate no more than a 3% deficit relative to GDP.

My personal concern is that after two world wars Europe was forced into a socialist type environment by the need to rebuild infrastructure and care for displaced persons. This culminated in the rash of 1960s nationalization's and the resulting economic turmoil took over 30 years to correct.

Our leadership appear to be enamored by the great ideals of their youth and have not learned by the mistakes of others. Today in the EU we can find countries with lower corporate tax rates than the US, Germany for example. Personal tax rates, that while high, include many of the services we pay for on a personal level, medical care and a retirement system better than our Social Security.

The EU has also taken a very harsh stand on immigration. Finding, in the past, people moved to countries to only take advantage of their social programs not to embrace their new nationality, some countries have effectively shut the door on new immigrants. The Netherlands being just one.

Having traveled to France yearly for almost two decades I find the effective nationalization of our insurance, auto, and banking industry troubling given the EU's push to move away from this type of involvement in business. Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Steve Lucas

Why people doesn't complain about the this injustice?, I'm very disappointed.

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