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"Facts are the enemy of truth."

I see this comment played out daily in any number of fields. Last year, a Dutch study, showed that a smokers life time medical expenses are lower than a nonsmoker due to earlier death. While I in no way wish to promote smoking we see the antismoking lobby pushing for ever higher taxes, being spent on nonmedical projects, that are controlled by politicians.

When the HPV vaccine was approved we saw an immediate push by the drug company for a mandate and expansion of the original sample size to include both older and younger women. Bypassing the medical community they went straight to the politicians to achieve this mandate with the promise of eliminating a low risk cancer in the US. This vaccine also does not in any way eliminate the need for yearly PAP smears or exams. In the original pricing strategy a physician would loose money with every vaccination.

Do I want to see anyone smoke? No. Do I want anyone to suffer the ravages of cancer, of any type? No. Do I believe the medical community is being manipulated to achieve financial and political gain by a few companies and politicians? Yes.

The facts are we need to suck one trillion dollars out of our medical system, and improve outcomes, just to match the level of 36 other countries that rank above us in this area.

Steve Lucas

Do you have any better plan than president Obama's idea. His idea for our health care system is good to try nuch better than what the current health care system is providing. All of those who have a great idea that is better than his plans can make a difference. I think all of you should spill out what is your own plan.

that was really tragic for health care system.

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